Vitinha Talks About His Adaptation Process at PSG

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Vitinha Talks About His Adaptation Process at PSG

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French League News: In an interview with PSG TV, Vitinha talked about the adaptation process he went through at Paris Saint-Germain after leaving Porto this summer.

Joining a star-studded Paris Saint-Germain, Vitinha initially thought it would be difficult to adapt. But unlike the initial shadow, it all went smoothly. There are Danilo Pereira and Nuno Mendes, two figures who contributed to the adaptation process.

“My adaptation was very easy. All the players were very helpful. I was able, from the start, to talk to them as I do with my other friends. In times like that, things become a lot easier, on and off the pitch. Danilo and Nuno, in particular, helped me. I got to know them. They are two extraordinary people, as well as extraordinary footballers. They make me feel right at home.”

Vitinha has made eight appearances so far for PSG. So far, he doesn’t seem to have any trouble blending into his new team’s game.

“We quickly understood each other. It’s very easy. I feel at home, comfortable on the pitch, comfortable playing with my new team-mates, because these things happen naturally and also thanks to my style of play which wants to have the ball. , who is very active. Everything went very well from the start. Not perfect, but almost,” explained the Portuguese midfielder.

“I feel a good relationship with all my team-mates and the ball really flows between us well. The goal is to continue on the same path both individually and as a team. That’s the only way we can achieve great things, ” he added.

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