Unique! Hans Flick Hires Dentist to Help Germany Win World Cup-Camello Sports

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Unique!  Hans Flick Hires Dentist to Help Germany Win World Cup


World Cup News: Coach Hans Flick seems to have really prepared his team to win the 2022 World Cup which will be held in Qatar from November to December, even he pays attention to the smallest things.

Quoted from the Bavarian Football Works page, coach Hans Flick had to appoint a dentist, Dr. Siegfried Marquardt, became a part of his coaching staff in the German national team. Flick seems to have a belief that hygiene and dental health can minimize injury while helping to improve player performance on the field.

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This is not the first time Flick has worked with Dr. Siegfried Marquardt, because he had previously used the services of the doctor when he was still dealing with Bayern Munich. At that time, Marquardt was often a consultant for players who suffered mysterious injuries, and he had also analyzed the condition of Leon Goretzka’s teeth to help find the cause of the muscle injury he suffered at that time.

Before fighting in the 2022 World Cup, now Flick and his troops will fight first in the preliminary round of Group C League A UEFA Nations League 2022. In this group the German national team is joined by strong teams, namely Hungary and the two finalists of the 2020 European Cup, the Italian National Team. and English. The match in the UEFA Nations League will be a preparation for coach Hans Flick and the German national team before appearing in the real championship, at the 2022 World Cup.

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