uHigh is outspoken about the cause of his declining performance on BTR RA

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uHigh is outspoken about the cause of his declining performance on BTR RA


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Esports News: Bigetron Red Aliens (BTR RA)’s Fragger, uHigh, revealed the reason why his performance with his team was declining compared to when he first joined. Since he first joined on August 1, 2021, he has always looked impressive in almost every match with the La Flame troops.

Through a live streaming on his personal YouTube channel, the 18-year-old player describes a number of factors that are his obstacles at BTR RA at this time. According to him, now the capital of high fire power capabilities is not enough to be able to display a brilliant performance with Bigetron Red Aliens.

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“To be honest, guys, if we’ve been four years it’s not about fire power, in the past it was about fire power, but now all players have fire power. The only difference is the gameplay,” said uHigh, quoted from Revival TV.

Not only because they had to adapt quickly to the gameplay, uHigh felt a difference in spirit when he first entered Bigetron Red Aliens. At the beginning of being part of BTR RA, his ambition was very strong to show all his best abilities.

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This is indeed natural considering that every new player certainly wants a main place in his squad. On that basis, the Malaysian-born fragger on March 24, 2004, struggled with all his might to prove his quality.

“Guys, how about it, if from me, for example, we just joined the team, the spirit is different, you know, it’s more like fresh, so the game looks like you want to show off, I think,” he explained.

Quoting RevivaL TV, uHigh may need more support from his fans so he can be more enthusiastic when playing with BTR RA in the upcoming tournament. Hopefully this former Team Secret player can prove his worth wearing the Alien Red uniform this season.

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