Two Paris Saint-Germain Players Are Too Arrogant and Arrogant

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Two Paris Saint-Germain Players Are Too Arrogant and Arrogant

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French League News: Former Brazil international Walter Casagrande criticized two Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) players Neymar and Kylian Mbappe for being arrogant.

Mbappe and Neymar clashed over the order of taking penalties in the 5-2 Ligue 1 win on Saturday (14/08) over Montpellier.

Mbappe saw his penalty saved early, after which Neymar refused to let the Frenchman take a second penalty kick.

According to the Mirror, the on-field feud continued in the dressing room, prompting former Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos to step in and separate the two. In this case, Casagrande analyzes the impact.

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He said: “For me, it’s not surprising that there are problems at PSG. Neymar was really bad last year, the fans didn’t want him, PSG didn’t want Neymar. Mbappe only stayed because he received a lot of power. Neymar is like that, arrogant, arrogant and thinking he’s the best.”

The former Corinthians forward also criticized Neymar for liking social media posts directly referring to Mbappe, branding the 30-year-old a traitor.

“He was quiet when he was downstairs. He played a good game, then he put his wings out. Worst of all, he likes comments about Mbappe for penalties. I think Neymar takes penalties better than Mbappe. Both are too much, but Neymar has more dangerous behavior than Mbappe.”

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The two Paris Saint-Germain players are two world stars, but their egos are big enough to be able to play in the same team.

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