Tom Davies believes Frank Lampard can make Everton better

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Tom Davies believes Frank Lampard can make Everton better

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Premier League News: Tom Davies says Frank Lampard has a fighter mentality and never gives up, making him very suitable to be a concocter at Everton.

Frank Lampard will soon be entering his full season as Everton manager, after he came on midway through last season replacing Rafa Benitez who was sacked due to poor results.

The former Chelsea coach is considered to have a crucial role in helping the Toffees survive in the Premier League.

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Coming at a time when the team was in a slump and lost confidence, Lampard managed to find a way to bring the atmosphere of the Merseyside club’s dressing room back to life. The climax was a dramatic victory against Crystal Palace, which saw them escape the threat of relegation.

Lampard’s performance like that then made him succeed in winning the hearts of the Goodison Park public, as well as the players, including Tom Davies. The 24-year-old midfielder also praised the coach’s unyielding mentality.

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“He has got this club completely. He’s a great manager. He fits the Everton role: he’s got a hard-working mentality, he wants us to play football but he wants us to fight, never give up.

“He has had the philosophy of the club, that’s why the players and fans love him. There’s no other side to him, just pure Everton.”

Davies is also optimistic that Lampard is able to bring his team better next season.

“You can feel it among the fans, between the group. We all believed in him and believed in what he said. He’s going to lead us to great things and I’m really looking forward to actually being able to play under him and work under him. I think I can improve a lot,” he said.

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