The Struggle of Persib Players to Reach Victory Appreciated by Coach

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The Struggle of Persib Players to Reach Victory Appreciated by Coach

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Indonesian Liga 1 News : Persib’s struggle to win three points paid off after beating PSS 1-0. A sense of happiness also came from Budiman’s mouth, who managed to bring his team to maintain a positive trend in the last two matches.

The ambition to bring victory as a souvenir is based on the spirit of the fighters for independence. Because two days before the match, Indonesia celebrated its 77th independence. Coincidentally, this positive result makes Persib have now collected 7 points.

“First of all I say Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah SWT because now we are given victory and I came from Bandung here in August on my 77th birthday, I came here wanting a 7, so it’s the same as Indonesia’s birthday,” said caretaker Maung Bandung in a press conference after the match.

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Indeed, the success of picking victory is not obtained easily. It takes a struggle from the players by trying to punish the host who was off guard at the start of the game through a quick goal. After that Persib focused on maintaining excellence.

For more than 80 minutes the Maung Bandung fleet played with a high work ethic in defense. The host’s onslaught continued to be dammed until there was no return goi present. Appreciation is also given to players who have been up and down for 2×45 minutes.

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“Once again this victory is the result of the players’ hard work, I can’t do anything off the pitch, today I congratulate the players who really worked hard on the pitch for 90 minutes. Thank you again,” he continued. .

Budiman also did not forget Bobotoh’s contribution in this match. Because thousands of people are willing to accompany the team they are proud of by going to Sleman. The cheers from the stands certainly gave energy to their foster children until they finally succeeded in defeating PSS.

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“I am very very grateful to have come here by sacrificing manpower and material. This is an additional form of support for us, once again thanking Bobotoh, this is a capital for us,” he concluded.

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