Svafvel Will Watch Out for 4 Teams in PMPL ID Fall 2022

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Svafvel Will Watch Out for 4 Teams in PMPL ID Fall 2022

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Esports News: As PMPL ID Fall 2022 approaches, the teams and players have started to prepare. One of them is that Svafvel from NFT Esports has already pocketed the names of the teams to watch out for based on the scrim results.

The PUBG Mobile gold medal winner in the Team category at the 2021 SEA Games mentioned four teams that he will be wary of. He revealed this during a discussion with Anang and Matthew on his YouTube live stream.

Launching from RevivaL TV, Voin became the first team Svafvel mentioned. According to him, Voin has found its moment since last season, as evidenced by the success of winning the PMPL SEA Spring 2022 play-in round slot.

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Another factor that caused the owner of the “Ghoib Rotation” title from the netizen to be wary of Voin is that he was trained by the former NFT Esports coach Capt. With one year’s knowledge and experience of coaching NFT, Capt has the potential to prepare a counter strategy against his former team.

BOOM Esports is the next team that Svafvel will be wary of. Specifically, he will be wary of the spirit of the three new retainers of Hungry Beast, namely Okta, Reizy, and Yummy.

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“So, those are three fresh bloods, right? So what I think is the spirit to watch out for. The spirits of the three of them who recently entered are definitely different from us, who have had six seasons,” he said, quoted from Revival TV.

The third team that Svafvel mentioned was EVOS Reborn. Laparr’s addition to the squad is considered to have made EVOS a stumbling block, he even dubbed S1nyo’s fleet as “Thugs on the Edge” because of their fondness for playing on the edge of the zone.

Finally, the NFT Esports captain mentioned BTR RA as the team he would watch out for in PMPL ID Fall 2022. The reason for his vigilance was the experience of playing with several BTR players at the 2021 SEA Games.

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“For example, if it’s like Genfos, Luxxy, especially if Ryzen plays, for example, because I’ve played with them, it’s like “wow, it turns out that you’re playing with them”, especially when you’re going to fight him like that,” he concluded.

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