Starting to lose magic, Mercedes is predicted to fire Lewis Hamilton

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Starting to lose magic, Mercedes is predicted to fire Lewis Hamilton –

F1 News: Former Formula 1 boss, Bernie Ecclestone, believes Lewis Hamilton will be sacked by Mercedes in the near future because he is starting to struggle to appear competitive.

In F1 2021, Lewis Hamilton had to lose his chance to win his eighth championship title. He could not help but admit the toughness of Max Verstappen, in the season closing race, the Abu Dhabi GP, which was very controversial.

Then in the 2022 season which began to apply new regulations, Hamilton seemed overwhelmed by his rivals at the top. His gebernya Mercedes W13 land jet is often hit by porpoising problems (moving up and down the car) which makes it difficult to penetrate the podium zone.

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Now, the 37-year-old man is stranded in sixth place in the 2022 F1 drivers’ standings by collecting 77 points. The rider has only stepped foot on the podium twice, to be precise at the Bahrain GP and the Canadian GP.

This bad report card makes former Formula 1 boss, Bernie Ecclestone, believe Toto Wolff (Mercedes principal) is fed up with Hamilton. According to him, the seven-time F1 champion no longer wants to improve his performance because he has lost his competitive spirit.

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“Toto (Wolff) is getting fed up with Lewis Hamilton. I don’t think he’s struggling to come back (this season),” Ecclestone said.

“In other words, Lewis (Hamilton) doesn’t seem to care about losing. It’s not like him. He has a competitive nature, but (now) he accepts defeat easily.”

Furthermore, Bernie Ecclestone said that Hamilton would soon be kicked out by The Silver Arrows. According to him Wolff had planned this to save the team expenses rather than spending a lot of money to pay the driver whose heyday was over.

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“Lewis will probably sell his position to Toto and say ‘This is how much I’m getting, I’ll step back and give me half of what I’m going to get’. Toto could go and do one of his magic deals, offer someone less money and save £20m,” Ecclestone said.

“There is no need to tell Toto about this since he has already thought about it. Lewis will probably come out like that,” he concluded.

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