Shareef O’Neal Happy to Get the Opportunity to Study in the NBA Summer League

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Shareef O'Neal Happy to Get the Opportunity to Study in the NBA Summer League –

NBA Basketball News: Young player Shareef O’Neal has appeared in two NBA Summer League games with the Los Angeles Lakers. Shaquile O’Neal’s son will take this opportunity to learn and develop the game.

“This is amazing. The coach has given me a chance. The more opportunities I get, the more I can show. I tried to do what I could to get the win – rebound, run, get some of my little buckets and I just wanted to win,” said O’Neal.

“We have to get a win in the next two games and qualify for the playoffs, so, you know, we have to bounce back tomorrow. Tomorrow we will practice, watch movies and all that and you know. I did well, I can always do better, but you know I just want to win too.”

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Shareef O’Neal has had a college career of ups and downs. He medically wore a red shirt his freshman year at UCLA due to preseason heart surgery. In the three seasons that followed, O’Neal played a combined 37 games and no more than 14 in a season.

After limited playing time with the Bruins in his first year, he moved to LSU mid-season. The move did not lead to an increase in playing time and O’Neal entered the transfer portal again after his final season with LSU.

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For a raw talent like O’Neal, more playing time could make the most of the potential. O’Neal has experienced it with the Lakers Summer League team.

“I definitely get more reps than I have since high school, you know, in college I didn’t get too many reps but it’s a learning experience. They throw people out there learning and I learned a lot,” O’Neal said.

“Every time I play on the pitch, I feel like I’m learning a lot and showing more and more every day. I can’t wait to see what the future holds, but I have to live with it one day.”

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