San Francisco Shock Breaks OWL Regular Season Winstreak Record

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San Francisco Shock Breaks OWL Regular Season Winstreak Record

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Esports News: The 2022 San Francisco Shock roster have made their mark in Overwatch League (OWL) history after sweeping the New York Excelsior in the Summer Showdown qualifiers on Friday (26/8).

It was Shock 2022’s 20th straight win, with little contribution from the 2021 roster, which has seen them break the OWL record for consecutive wins in the regular season.

The previous record was held by the Vancouver Titans in 2019 who grabbed a massive winning streak during the regular season, before being broken by a shock loss to Los Angeles Valiant. Although the Titans clinched the first stage trophy in 2019, they went on to lose to Shock in this season’s grand final.

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Citing Dot Esports, the San Francisco Shock has won 17 times in 2022 and is currently unbeaten. Given that records are counted regardless of season or roster, three of their regular season winning streak with their 2021 line-up also counts.

Despite often dominating the regular season, Crusty’s team had difficulty ending the tournament with a championship title. In the first Kickoff Clash tournament of the season, they went home relatively early considering the performance of their retainers during qualifying. While in Midseason Madness, the first global tournament of the season, Shock was able to reach the grand final but was beaten 4-2 by rivals in California, the Los Angeles Gladiators.

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The Summer Showdown was probably the San Francisco Shock’s best chance for trophies on stage, seeing the Gladiators slump to a 0-4 record in the tournament qualifiers. The next shock will face the Dallas Fuel on September 2, 2022.

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