Royal Derby MPL ID Season 10: ONIC Esports Gets Comeback RRQ Hoshi

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Royal Derby MPL ID Season 10: ONIC Esports Gets Comeback RRQ Hoshi

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Esports News: ONIC Esports suffered a defeat in MPL ID Season 10 on the second day of the second week of matches, Saturday (20/8). In the Royal Derby against RRQ Hoshi, ONIC gave up 1-2 despite winning 1-0 first.

In that match, ONIC Esports presented its best roster, namely Kairi, CW, Butsss, Kiboy, and Sanz. Meanwhile at RRQ there is the living legend Lemon, along with Vyn, R7, Alberttt, and Skylar.

Leg 1 of the Royal Derby in MPL ID Season 10 is also a proving ground for the two best junglers in Mobile Legends, Alberttt and Kairi. Alberttt in the King of All Kings is the best jungler in Indonesia, while Kairi from ONIC is the best jungler in the Philippines.

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CW and friends won relatively easily in the first game, winning within 14 minutes after experiencing snowballing and always taking the objective. Sanz who uses the hero Valentina has been named the MVP of this game.

The second game is more exciting. This time, RRQ Hoshi managed to suppress ONIC’s objective game through the aggressive performance of the players. The brilliant action of Lemon and Skylar silenced the Yellow Hedgehog to make it 1-1.

Entering the third and decisive game, ONIC Esports and RRQ gave their best. Citing GGWP.ID, the two teams played like they were in the final, compact, adamant, objective, and made minimal mistakes.

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With both teams really consistently playing discipline, the match became very long. Until finally, RRQ Hoshi thanks to God’s help managed to end ONIC’s resistance in the third game at 28 minutes.

Winning the Royal Derby this time ensured that Fiel’s fleet was still comfortably at the top of the MPL ID Season 10 standings with a 3-0 record, while ONIC Esports slipped to fourth place with a 2-1 record.

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