Revealed! This is the reason Aleix Espargaro celebrates faster

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Revealed!  This is the reason Aleix Espargaro celebrates faster


MotoGP News : Aprilia Racing’s Aleix Espargaro explained why he celebrated faster at the Catalunya MotoGP, Sunday (5/6) local time. Espargaro explained that he forgot the rules of the last round at Barcelona.

As is known, Aleix Espargaro made a fatal mistake on the last lap at the Catalunya GP. When the race entered the last lap, aka the last lap, Espargaro celebrated early. He, who was originally in the top three, had to settle for finishing fifth. After the race, Espargaro felt very embarrassed. Investigate a calibaration, he did forget the last lap rules in Barcelona.

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“Sorry, the only thing I can say is sorry. It’s an unacceptable mistake in this category. It’s completely my fault. Pitboard I was too close to Turn 1. That was the first, so I didn’t have time to look at the laps and the distance with Martin,” said Espargaro in an interview with local media.

“I was pushing to the limit, so I only looked at the distance to Martin 0.6 seconds. And to look at the laps, I looked at the tower (time on the circuit) and I saw ‘L1’. So I went one lap and then I don’t remember that here in Barcelona, ​​the last lap was number zero, not one. And I closed the gas on the straights. I’m very sorry for my team, because I know I don’t have the speed (like) Fabio to win.”

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