Revans Over Shock, Los Angeles Gladiators Win Midseason Madness

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Revans Over Shock, Los Angeles Gladiators Win Midseason Madness

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Esports News: The Los Angeles Gladiators avenged the defeat of the San Francisco Shock in the Midseason Madness upper bracket final by winning the grand final duel via a score of 4-2 on Saturday (23/7) to become the champion of the Overwatch League tournament.

The Gladiators, who were beaten by Shock in the upper bracket final of the double elimination tournament on Friday (22/7), have a long way to go before advancing to the final.

Dropping into the lower bracket, the Los Angeles Gladiators beat the Atlanta Reign 3-1 in the lower bracket final to earn a chance to revolt against the San Francisco Shock, who had won their previous three games at Midseason Madness after collecting a first-round bye in qualifying.

The first map, Ilios, was won by the Gladiators 2-0 and Reign tied the series 1-1 with a 4-3 win at King’s Row. The Gladiators then sealed their place in the grand final and eliminated Reign with a pair of 1-0 wins at Watchpoint: Gibraltar and Colosseo.

In the grand finale, the Gladiators and Shock dueled in a best-of-seven (BO7) series format, after all previous rounds were BO5.

The Los Angeles Gladiators lead 3-0 thanks to taking on Ilios (2-1), Eichenwalde (3-1), and Watchpoint: Gibraltar (4-3). Shock was able to rise to claim the next two maps: New Queen Street (1-0) and Lijiang Tower (2-0), but the Gladiators won the decisive map of Dorado (5-4). Kim “Shu” Jin-seo of Gladiators was selected to be the MVP of the grand finals.

Citing Sportsnaut, the Gladiators took home $500,000 and four league points as champions, while runners-up San Francisco Shock took $250,000 and three points.

Here’s the Midseason Madness prize pool and league points:

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