Returning to Arlington Major, Fnatic Fails to Win Direct Invite Tickets to TI11

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Returning to Arlington Major, Fnatic Fails to Win Direct Invite Tickets to TI11 –

Esports News: Fnatic (FNC) failed to secure tickets direct invite to The International 11 (TI11), after being eliminated from the Arlington Major due to a 2-1 defeat to beastcoast in the first round of the lower bracket playoffs, Thursday (11/8).

This failure made FNC points in the DPC standings not increase, and finished in 13th place with 1,020 points. They lost by a difference of 0.05 points from the 12th ranked team, Outsider, who collected 1,020.05 points.

Launching from GGGWP. ID, being eliminated at the Arlington Major also means that Fnatic will compete in the TI11 regional qualifier.

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The course of the match

FNC managed to dominate the course of the first game, by winning far over beastcoast because they were able to take advantage of the mistakes of the team’s retainers who often overextend. Even so, it took FNC 45 minutes to claim victory.

The second game, beastcoast’s turn, performed well. The strategy of using Underlord and Puck in unusual positions (Underlord in the midlane and Puck in the offlane) has proven to be effective in winning the laning phase and snowballing.

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Fnatic really didn’t find a chance to bounce back in the second game. As a result, the Valqui fleet was able to end the FNC resistance in the 25th minute to level the score at 1-1.

The situation did not improve for FNC in the third game, again falling victim to snowballing from beastcoast whose performance was increasingly terrible in the game.

Jabz and his friends had indeed made several pickoffs and also succeeded in obtaining Aegis of the Immortal. But that wasn’t enough because the beastcoast remained calm and didn’t lose its momentum.

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Entering the 45th minute, the South American representative closed the game to ensure a 2-1 victory and ended Fnatic’s journey at the Arlington Major.

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