RANS Coach Admits He Was Fooled By Changes To Persib’s Formation

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RANS Coach Admits He Was Fooled By Changes To Persib's Formation


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Indonesian League 1 News : RANS Nusantara FC failed to realize its determination to bring home points from Persib headquarters. Rahmad Darmawan admitted that the change in the opponent’s formation made the plans that had been prepared had to be disbanded.

The coach did not expect the host to demonstrate a 3-4-3 scheme. Usually Maung Bandung played with a 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 pattern when Robert Rene Alberts was commanded. However, it turned out that Luis Milla used a different formation in the match.

“For the match, they tried to give a fight. Because there were slight changes made by Persib, they used an unexpected scheme because they applied 3-4-3 when attacking and changed to 5-4-1 when defending,” said Rahmad Darmawan in post-match interview at the press conference.

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In the team meeting before the match, he suspected that Marc Klok and his colleagues would play an equal back four scheme. Therefore, it was difficult for RANS to give resistance to Maung Bandung in the first round.

The new adaptation was carried out by coach RD in the second half by making several substitutions. Septian Bagaskara was brought in to put more pressure on the opposing defenders to accompany Wander Luiz on the front lines.

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“In the evening I anticipated four defenders, but became three defenders. That changed the atmosphere in the first half. In the second half we made changes and everything was effective. We can start to put pressure on the opponent but many chances are wasted from us and Persib. But overall say thanks to the players.”

With the accumulation of three Persib stoppers in the penalty box, of course pressure must be given. Therefore, RANS played with double strikers so that the number of players up front did not lose. Unfortunately only one goal could be produced in the second half and could not equalize.

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“There must have been a counter strategy, changed it to 4-4-2. Everyone met opponents in their respective positions and was effective, earlier work became easier. Some of the substitutions made were also effective, unfortunately time can’t be bought and I still appreciate the players, ” he said.

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