Quartararo: Aleix Espargaro should have won in the Dutch MotoGP

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Quartararo: Aleix Espargaro should have won in the Dutch MotoGP
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MotoGP News: Fabio Quartararo feels guilty for denying Aleix Espargaro the chance to win the Dutch MotoGP by crashing into him in the middle of the race.

The Dutch MotoGP series was just held at the Assen Circuit last weekend. In the early stages of the race, Aleix Espargaro was nudged by Fabio Quartararo who slipped on the fourth lap at the fifth corner of the Assen Circuit. The incident made them slump to the back row.

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Even so, Espargaro, who was thrown into P15, was able to speed up his motorbike and finish fourth. Unfortunately, Quartararo had a different fate, where the young Frenchman was forced to withdraw from the race after falling again in the same place eight laps later.

After the race, Quartararo admitted to feeling guilty for ruining Aleix Espargaro’s perfect performance at the Assen Circuit. He acknowledged the amazing speed of the Spaniard and called him worthy of being the winner of the Dutch MotoGP.

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“I think he (Espargaro) was the winner today because of the pace he has. I just apologize for my mistake. He had a very good race, and I’m sorry,” Quartararo was quoted as saying by Motosan.

In addition, he also felt disappointed with himself for causing the accident. However, Quartararo emphasized that he would use the incident as a lesson so that he could achieve better results in the future.

“I made a rookie mistake. He wants to push too hard from the start of the fire that is what it is, it is with these mistakes that we learn for the future. But it was really a very stupid mistake,” said the 2021 MotoGP world champion.

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“We can make a very good pace and fight for the victory. It is mistakes that make you learn for the future,” he concluded.

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