Quality Compared to Tyrell Malacia, Patrice Evra: Definitely Different!

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Quality Compared to Tyrell Malacia, Patrice Evra: Definitely Different!
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Football News: Manchester United legend, Patrice Evra, refuses to be equated in quality with the new Red Devils left-back, Tyrell Malacia. What is the reason?

Tyrell Malacia became one of the Manchester United players who performed well when they beat Liverpool at Old Traffor with a score of 2-1 in the third week of the Premier League. In that match, Malacia’s slick appearance reaped a lot of praise, especially after making Mohamed Salah die of lice.

One of the parties who give praise to Malacia is Rio Ferdinand. The legendary Red Devils defender even said Malacia’s qualities reminded him of Patrice Evra.

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But Evra did not accept himself compared to Malacia. For Evra, Malacia still has a long way to go to be on par with him.

“Some have compared me to Malacia, but to do so, he has to be the best left-back in the world, the best left-back in the Premier League for at least four years and they have to win the league. So give him time,” Evra told Betfair. .

“I ask the fans to give him the same time they gave Luke Shaw. You can see his determination, he is hungry to play and also he is not selfish. That is a very important quality for a left-back.”

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“If I had to give him advice, I would like him to play equally well defensively and assisting attack.”

“I’ve always said the perfect left-back has that balance. If you help out too often you’re called a defender who can’t defend. If you defend too much, people will say you can’t be counted on to help in attack He has to find that balance and he doesn’t have to think about the comparison to me.”

“I want Malacia to be Malacia, not the new Patrice Evra. Luke Shaw has the same problem.”

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“This is a club I love, but I always want everyone and the fans to forget ‘Patrice Evra’. If the fans are still talking about me, I’m happy to hear that, but it means something is wrong. I wish Malacia a great career. and make everyone forget Patrice Evra.”

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