Persib’s ambition to stop the lack of victory when entertaining PSIS

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Persib's ambition to stop the lack of victory when entertaining PSIS –

Indonesian League 1 News : The famine of victory tried to stop Persib when they hosted PSIS Semarang. The target of three points is non-negotiable because Maung Bandung must immediately improve their position on the standings board.

Budiman as caretaker said his team was ready to fight in tomorrow’s match. They have high motivation to beat PSIS at home. Minor results in the previous three games have been forgotten.

“Thank God, tomorrow’s match, our coaching team and players are ready, and all the players have forgotten yesterday’s match in Borneo. The three matches (have been forgotten) and we are looking forward to tomorrow’s match, and tomorrow’s match all the players are ready,” explained Budiman in press conference before the game.

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Persib itself in this match has not been directed by a head coach after the resignation of Robert Rene Alberts. Currently, the former Persija player is still acting as an interim coach. But the situation did not reduce Budiman’s desire to bring his team back to winning ways.

“If the target is three points, we play at home. Yesterday we emphasized, even without a head coach, here I am just a caretaker, I tell the players, stay focused, stay the best for all, especially for Bobotoh. I want tomorrow Bandung is a blue ocean, giving Bobotoh joy, the target is still three points, this is playing at home,” he said.

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He also said his team was focusing on managing readiness regardless of the condition of the opposing team. Indeed, several pillars of Mahesa Jenar had to be absent, such as Carlos Fortes and Fredyan Wahyu due to unfit conditions.

“In my opinion, no matter how strong PSIS is, I don’t see it, who wants to come and also doesn’t, it’s up to me, the important thing is that I prepare this team for tomorrow’s match,” said the former Persib U-19 coach.

According to him, whoever appears must do everything in his power to bring Maung Bandung to his feet again. “So for tomorrow whoever the opponent is, whoever will be demoted, we still have to fight from the first minute. We must not waste tomorrow’s opportunity,” he said.

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Unfortunately, in this match, Beckham Putra Nugraha may still not be able to be lowered. The 20-year-old attacking midfielder is still in the process of recovering from an ankle injury and is only projected to return next week.

“We, the coaching team, can’t be sure, the doctors who know better, Beckham still has a little swelling in his ankle, hopefully in the next week he will recover and be able to come to Sleman, but for tomorrow Beckham still can’t be dropped,” he said.

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