Persib Threatened Winger Crisis, Luis Milla Doesn’t Feel Worried

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Persib Threatened Winger Crisis, Luis Milla Doesn't Feel Worried –

Indonesian League 1 News : Persib Bandung is now facing a winger crisis ahead of the match against Barito Putera. But Luis Milla said he was not worried that his troops would remain in a combat-ready condition in the 10th week.

One winger who has been confirmed to be absent from Friday’s match (16/9) is Frets Butuan. The winger just got married last weekend and certainly will not appear because until now he has not returned to training.

“Yes he can’t play because he just got married. Frets hasn’t trained in a long time either, he hasn’t trained in the last ten days so it’s impossible to play with us. I hope he comes back soon because he’s an important player and we need Frets in more form. good,” said Milla when interviewed.

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Another winger who had to step aside was Erwin Ramdani who suffered a broken shoulder. The figure who is often installed as a supersub has to be absent for about 2-3 months after surgery due to the disaster he experienced when he met Arema.

Febri Hariyadi also has the potential to be absent because he is suffering from a fever. The mainstay winger on the left is currently recovering and it is hoped that Milla will recover quickly. He is sure that Febri will be able to return to training soon.

“I think it’s clear that Erwin definitely can’t play because his injury will take a long time to recover. But for Febri, he has a fever, but I think he will be able to train again tomorrow,” he said.

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For the winger position, Ciro Alves will definitely get a place in the first team. While the other side will belong to Febri if he has recovered. However, if forced to miss, Milla claimed not to panic because there are other players who could be an alternative.

“We have a lot of players ready to play and in the last two games I like the performance of the players. Not only the first eleven players but I think other players who came in in the second half like Erwin, Dedi, Beckham, they are important players to help the team win the game,” he said.

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It could be that young players like Ferdiansyah and also Arsan Makarin were taken down. Or Milla made changes in the basic formation to overcome the crisis problem in the Persib wing sector. For him, the most important thing is the spirit of players who want to win that must be maintained.

“I want this spirit to be maintained, because this is a big team and everyone must work together to pursue the targeted target. All players are important players,” the 56-year-old coach concluded.

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