Paper Rex Defeat EDward Gaming in VALORANT Champions 2022

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Paper Rex Defeat EDward Gaming in VALORANT Champions 2022

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Esports News: The VALORANT Champions 2022 event finally started on Wednesday (31/8) in Istanbul, Turkey, with the opening match between Paper Rex (PRX) against EDward Gaming (EDG). The battle between the two teams was fierce, but EDG finally had to admit PRX’s advantage at 2-1.

Despite the loss, EDward Gaming has put in a brilliant performance as the first Chinese team to take part in the biggest international VALORANT tour in 2022. Throughout the game, they managed to crack and clean frags over PRX.

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The start of the first game since the pistol round in the first round did not go smoothly for Paper Rex after being 0:5 behind Haodong and friends. However, PRX came back quite impressively to equalize the score to 6:6, and continued their form in the second half to win the game with a score of 13-11.

Entering the second map, PRX couldn’t do much because he was killed by EDG with the appearance of Ace from Nobody1. F0rsaken cs have always been far adrift of scores since the first half, until finally EDG locked the second game victory via a score of 13:5. The score was even 1-1.

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Having experienced difficulties in the previous game, the APAC team again performed well in Haven as the final map. This time it was Jinggg’s turn to be a star with agent duelist Reyna. They were consistently able to maintain their dominance and closed the game at 13:8 and drew 2-1.

Quoting Esports ID, with this result Paper Rex qualified for the upper bracket of the VALORANT Champions 2022 Group A group stage to compete for a playoff slot with Leviatán. Meanwhile, EDward Gaming will face Team Liquid on Sunday (4/9).

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