Overcome XSET’s Obstacle, OpTic Gaming to Upper Bracket Champions 2022 Final

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Overcome XSET's Obstacle, OpTic Gaming to Upper Bracket Champions 2022 Final
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Esports News: OpTic Gaming stepped into the final upper bracket playoff VALORANT Champions 2022 Istanbul, Turkey, after defeating fellow North American team, XSET, with a score of 2-1 in the upper bracket semifinals, Monday (12/9).

Reflecting on last year, reaching the final of the upper bracket in Champions 2022 is an improvement for OpTic. Previously, while still playing under Team Envy, this roster only finished in 9th position.

XSET actually entered the semifinals of the upper bracket with extraordinary capital because their work throughout the 2022 Champions League has been quite bright since the group stage. They qualified for the first playoffs in Group B after a 2-1 win over FPX, Masters Copenhagen champions, also defended themselves in the upper bracket by crushing EMEA champions Fnatic on the first day to meet Yay cs again.

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In terms of individual player performance, XSET’s young talented fragger Cryo besides Zekken has also proven his superiority over Derke and SUYGETSU against FPX.

In the duel against OpTic Gaming, Cryo’s performance was quite good throughout the match, but not enough to produce a victory. On the other hand, El Diablo alias Yay with his flagship Chamber just went on a rampage, not stopping to bombard the XSET retainers.

Launching from Esports ID, Yay emerged as the top fragger in the Greenwall squad and managed to steal the attention after getting 4k pistols through his 1-tap technique which was so on-point.

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With this victory, in the final upper bracket OpTic Gaming will meet their arch-rivals at the VALORANT 2022 international event, LOUD. Meanwhile, the defeat made Cryo and his friends plunge into the lower bracket to return to the fight against FPX.

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