MPL ID Season 10: RRQ Hoshi Breaks the Egg Curse after Folding BTR Alpha

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MPL ID Season 10: RRQ Hoshi Breaks the Egg Curse after Folding BTR Alpha

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Esports News: RRQ Hoshi finally ended the egg curse of 2-0 defeat for the last two weeks in MPL ID Season 10. This certainty was obtained after they defeated Bigetron Alpha (BTR Alpha) 2-0 on the first day of the fifth week, on Friday (9/9). ).

This is a duel of two teams hit by inconsistency. While RRQ is trying to find its best performance again after slumping in the last two weeks, BTR Alpha had lost five times in a row before winning over Geek Fam ID last week.

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Although King of All Kings is known as a solid team in all aspects, Bigetron Alpha is not afraid. Quoting ONE Esports, Red Robot appeared confident with a super offensive draft relying on Natalia and Amon in the first game.

The duel was balanced in the mid-game stage, until finally Vyn broke the balance. His initiation resulted in a wipeout against BTR Alpha, and RRQ did not waste this golden opportunity to win the first game.

In the second game, Markyyyyy and colleagues again relied on a strong high tempo draft in the early game, this time using Julian mid lane and Paquito jungler. A different move was chosen by RRQ Hoshi, using Beatrix and Esmeralda.

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Bigetron Alpha’s chosen draft tactic was successful by mastering the duel in the early stages. They got a total of two Turtles and two turrets until the seventh minute, while the objective of RRQ was still zero.

But over time, the flow of the match reversed direction until finally RRQ Hoshi took full control. Without any major difficulties, the defending champion MPL ID won the second game and ended the BTR Alpha 2-0 resistance.

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