MPL ID Season 10: Bigetron Alpha Rejects Locksmith, Rebellion Zion Brush

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MPL ID Season 10: Bigetron Alpha Rejects Locksmith, Rebellion Zion Brush

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Esports News: Bigetron Alpha (BTR Alpha) has temporarily managed to get out of the red zone of the MPL ID Season 10 standings after ending Rebellion Zion (RBL) with a score of 2-1 on the second day of the fifth week, on Saturday (10/9).

Kompak sits at the bottom of the standings with two wins, citing ONE Esports both teams played openly in the first game. While RBL relied on Fanny, Kyy cs chose Ling.

At the beginning of the game, Fearless was able to steal the opponent’s buff but failed to continue his good performance in the rest of the duel. The Ling used by Max was violent, presenting Bigetron Alpha with a KDA score of 6/1/7.

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Trying to repeat the success of the first game, BTR Alpha continued to use the same draft in the second game. Meanwhile, Rebellion Zion replaces its three main cores with Benedeta, Akai, and Irithel.

After the duel was balanced in the first seven minutes, the Red Robot had an objective advantage thanks to Max’s split push action which destroyed one turret inhibitor. Unfortunately the advantage lasted for a moment, because RBL could turn things around through a teamfight.

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It didn’t take long, after a few seconds Haiz et al took good advantage of the opportunity to turn their advantage into victory.

The deciding game was a one-sided match for Bigetron Alpha who was showing off a top-level macro skill level. Their pressure resulted in a duel victory in the gold lane as well as stemming the minion mid lane and EXP lane through cutting wave action in the base.

Rebellion Zion only scored one kill without getting a turret, Turtle, or lord until 10 minutes, and four minutes later lost after four of its players were hit by Kyy’s brilliant Noumenon Blast. Score 2-1 for BTR Alpha win.

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