MobaZane Regret During M3 World Championship Tournament

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MobaZane Regret During M3 World Championship Tournament –

Esports News: The American team BloodThirstyKings (BTK) at the M3 World Championship wrote one of the best underdog stories in the competitive Mobile Legends scene. MobaZane et al were able to finish third in the world championship even without a coach, analyst, or manager.

But despite the sensational BTK results, there is something that the team’s captain and jungler MobaZane regrets during the struggle in M3. Through his personal live stream, the player regretted the change in the way he played in the middle of the competition.

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The jungler from the United States tried to imitate Wise’s gameplay in M3 World Championship, but the gameplay didn’t match the hero pool and strategy of BloodThirstyKings. The captain also considered this as one of the main causes of BTK’s defeat.

“I played very well in scrim. That’s why my hero was the target of the ban in the tournament. But on the tournament stage, somehow I was not good enough mentally. I felt less selfish,” said MobaZane quoted from RevivaL TV.

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“All BTK strategy back then was focused on making me rich and I would slaughter everyone. But somehow mid-tournament, I started playing with a team orientation. That’s the way junglers play nowadays.”

“I realized at that time that the jungler gameplay was starting to turn into support. I saw it from Wise. But my heroes at that time didn’t match the gameplay. So I believe that I tried to do that, but with the wrong hero pool, ” he added.

Launching from RevivaL TV, the current jungler gameplay seems to be starting to change functions to become like support in a team. One of the pioneers was Wise by popularizing the jungler tank on the M3.

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