M1 Farewell Trio from EVOS Legends, Won’t Play on MPL ID S10

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M1 Farewell Trio from EVOS Legends, Won't Play on MPL ID S10
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Esports News: The remaining M1 trio in EVOS Legends, namely Wannn, REKT, and Luminaire, will certainly not play in the Mobile Legends Professional League Indonesia (MPL ID) Season 10 event. The three players were officially announced by farewell from EVOS on Tuesday (2/8).

This news has been predicted, both by the Indonesian Mobile Legends community, especially EVOS Fams, loyal supporters of the team nicknamed the White Tiger. The sign of the absence of these three legendary players was also seen in one of the videos titled “New Era” which was uploaded on EVOS Instagram.

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The announcement that Wannn, REKT, and Luminaire will not be part of EVOS Legends in Season 10 was made via a video upload on EVOS TV’s YouTube. The video tells the journey of the M1 trio at EVOS to become a legend.

Launching from RevivaL TV, Wannn, REKT, and Luminaire also advised the New Era roster from EVOS Legends to be ready to give their best to the Zeys team.

His third journey as part of the WORLD roster will certainly be a historical story that will always be remembered, especially for EVOS Fams, because of its achievement as the first Indonesian team to win the Mobile Legends world champion trophy at the M1 World Championship.

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The baton to bring EVOS back to glory in the Mobile Legends esports scene will now be continued by future young players.

After this farewell news, it is likely that EVOS Legends will still make one announcement, namely the introduction of the last player in their MPL ID Season 10 squad.

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