Libas Paper Rex, Leviatán First Team Wins 2022 Champions Playoff Slot

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Libas Paper Rex, Leviatán First Team Wins 2022 Champions Playoff Slot –

Esports News: Leviatán became the first team to secure a place in the Playoffs of VALORANT Champions 2022. It happened after they beat Paper Rex (PRX) via a 2-0 score in the group stage match on the second day, Thursday (1/9).

Leviatán’s players displayed impressive mechanics to secure the first playoff bracket slot in VALORANT Champions 2022.

Known as a team that is able to compete and bring the EMEA team to its knees, Shyy and his friends have proven to be still too strong to be defeated by Paper Rex.

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In Haven for the first map, the game did not go smoothly for the runner-up to the Copenhagen Masters. Despite putting up a fight with the score slightly adrift until mid-game, they were consistently bombarded by Leviátan and failed to take the first game.

Turning to the second map in Bind, PRX once again reached a stalemate to subvert the Chilean players because their fighting power was very high. As one of the players who became the top fragger of the Raja LATAM team, kiNgg played brilliantly using Tacolilla by showing off the Clutch several times.

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Shyy the initiator Leviatán also managed to get an Ace in Bind with his Fade in the A lobby area and site A after eliminating Benkai the remaining player Paper Rex. Thanks to his charming performance throughout the match, Shyy won the MVP title with a total of ACS 319.0 and KDA 2.4.

The defeat also made PRX drop to the lower bracket of the group stage to challenge between Team Liquid or EDward Gaming, in order to fight for their ticket to qualify for the playoffs in the next schedule.

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