LEC Will Have 4 Slots In 2022 LoL Worlds Championship

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LEC Will Have 4 Slots In 2022 LoL Worlds Championship
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Esports News: Riot Games confirmed LEC will have four slots in the League of Legends (LoL) World Championship (Worlds) 2022. This means Europe will have four representative teams in Worlds for the first time since 2020.

Riot Games confirmed that in the announcement of the schedule and seeding for the game tournament, on Thursday (21/7). The LEC gets an extra slot because the LCL will not participate. Additional slots are awarded to the region that has performed best during international events in the last two years.

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In 2020, Europe is the only Western region whose representative team has qualified for the knockout stages of Worlds. All North American representatives were eliminated in the group stage, but Fnatic and G2 Esports from LEC were able to make it through to the next round. G2 even reached the semifinals by defeating Gen.G with a brilliant sweep, before being tackled by the final champion, DWG KIA.

The following year was not as successful as the previous one, but the Blue Continent still contributed representatives to the knockout stages. Fnatic fell out after just one win in the group stage, and Rogue barely missed a knockout after losing to Cloud9 in the tiebreak.

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The MAD Lions were the only representatives of the region to enter the next round, but were eliminated by DWG KIA in the first round. Nonetheless, European teams have consistently reached the knockout stages and put in good performances for their region.

The top two seeds of the LEC will start Worlds 2022 in the group stages, while the third and fourth seeded teams will start from the play-ins. Launching from Dot Esports, the 2022 LoL world championship will start on Thursday, September 29.

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