Kairi Officially Separated from ONIC PH, Will Go To ONIC Esports?

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Kairi Officially Separated from ONIC PH, Will Go To ONIC Esports?
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Esports News: ONIC PH seems to be really serious about overhauling its squad for MPL PH S10. After Yeb, the coach, officially left, it was Kairi’s turn to join the M3 World Championship 2021 runner-up team.

Through an announcement on ONIC Philippines’ official Instagram and Facebook accounts, on Sunday (26/6), the jungler has officially left ONIC PH. This is news that many people may have predicted.

ONIC PH conveyed the announcement of Kairi’s release quite openly. This separation is believed to have occurred not because there were problems between the two parties, and the player left on good terms.

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“It has been a good journey, but positive things always end. Thank you Kairi for going on an adventure with us. We will always miss the person called the future,” their statement read, quoted from ONE Esports.

“Undoubtedly one of the best junglers in the world, we are sure you will grow even better. The ONIC Fam and fans will miss you. Always place ONIC in the deepest of your hearts,” he continued.

Now, the 16 year old player is linked with ONIC Esports. In the last few weeks, he has become a hot topic of conversation, starting from rumors in the Philippines that he is going to Indonesia, to rumors that the Indonesian team ONIC Esports will become his new port.

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Even citing ONE Esports, there are many rumors that Kairi is already at GH ONIC Esports. This can be seen from the background of the player when he was interviewed at a tournament in the Philippines. The background is the one that usually appears when Butsss, Drian, or Kiboy is streaming.

What’s more, Jelita the manager of ONIC Esports also signaled that Kairi would become a new member of the Indonesian Yellow Landak team by commenting on the blonde haired player’s farewell upload. However, this transfer case, still has to wait for official news.

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