Instead of Gasly, Ocon wants Schumacher in Alpine

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Instead of Gasly, Ocon wants Schumacher in Alpine

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F1 News: Alpine driver Esteban Ocon firmly chose Mick Schumacher as his teammate over Pierre Gasly.

Previously, who would be Alpine’s second driver was still being questioned while waiting for Oscar Piastri’s clarity. This makes Gasly mentioned as the next candidate if he fails to get Piastri.

Besides Gasly, Mick Schumacher’s name is also called. Ocon firmly hopes that the son of the F1 legend will become his new partner in Alpine.

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“Mic? He’s a good friend of mine, first of all so if I can help it’s fine. I think he has shown talent in the junior category too, he is very fast, sometimes in F1, it is not easy to come up with a car that is a little behind. I’ve experienced it when I started in F1,” he said.

“He’s a great guy and he can do really well if he joins a competitive car and at the moment, Alpine is very competitive. Those are just my words. I have no decision to make. The team knew that this would be my choice.”

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Despite clearly preferring Schumacher, the Frenchman stated that he would have no trouble working with Gasly, despite the pair having had a difficult relationship over the years.

“Whoever will be on my side, I think the important thing for me is to guide the team in the best possible way, develop the best possible car and have respect between the two drivers in a good atmosphere – that’s what’s important.”

“With Pierre we have a good relationship, there are no problems, there is respect between each other and on my part, whoever it is, I am sure the team will make the best choice and we will be able to race well.”

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