Galtier reveals the secret behind Mbappe’s super quick goal in Lille vs PSG

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Galtier reveals the secret behind Mbappe's super quick goal in Lille vs PSG –

French League News: Kylian Mbappe scored a super-fast goal in Paris Saint-Germain’s 7-1 win over Lille on Sunday (21/8/2022) and one that inspired him was a quick goal from their Under-19 player, Edouard Michut.

Kylian Mbappe managed to score the opener for Paris Saint-Germain just seconds after the match against Lille started by utilizing an assist from Lionel Messi. The goal was not created just like that, but thanks to the training they have done.

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Speaking at a press conference after the match, coach Christophe Galtier revealed that Mbappe’s goal was inspired by one of PSG’s under-19 goals, Edouard Michut, in the UEFA Youth League match against RB Salzburg last season. This is what they then try to practice during training and the effort bears sweet fruit when they also manage to do it during the match.

“It’s a step we learned, we found footage from different leagues, and even from our youth team in the Youth League scoring a goal at kick-off against Salzburg last season. We talked about it yesterday, we saw the footage, we put it into practice, obviously when it works like that after 8 seconds it’s very satisfying,” said Galtier.

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“Congratulations to them, to my staff and to the players for having the courage to try it and it worked. It puts us in the game, it hurts the opponent and after that when the team is serious like tonight, obviously things are a lot easier.”

Apart from PSG’s Under-19 team, Christophe Galtier said that Premier League side Bournemouth and La Liga side Rayo Vallecano had also done the same thing by scoring a quick goal moments after kick-off.

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