Esteban Ocon Addicted to Collaboration with Fernando Alonso

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Esteban Ocon Addicted to Collaboration with Fernando Alonso

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F1 News : Alpine racer Esteban Ocon admits that he wants to continue working with Fernando Alonso. He feels that Alonso has helped him in many ways on the track.

As is known, Fernando Alonso was initially known as an arrogant figure as a racer. Not a few other racers complained when asked to be teammates. But all these negative assumptions seemed to disappear when Alonso joined Alpine. She is incredibly easy to blend in and makes a positive impact. Esteban Ocon as the young racer who teamed up with him also felt very comfortable.

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“When he first joined the team, I was told by many that it would be very difficult. In fact, none of that is true. I think we have built a good partnership and I really enjoy working with him. Fernando’s team is great,” Ocon said in an interview with local media.

“I see myself on the podium this year. With a win it will be another great season for us. Of course we want to win it again. Although, realistically, we are not in that position. If we get a podium, for us, it will be. like a win. We are making progress in achieving it and that is important. I believe in this project and so I signed a long contract with the team.”

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