Damian Lillard Tells You Want To Team Up With Kevin Durant

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Damian Lillard Tells You Want To Team Up With Kevin Durant
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NBA Basketball News : The Portland Trail Blazers basketball player, Damian Lillard, gave a strong code that he wanted to team up with Kevin Durant. He uploaded an edited photo where Durant was wearing a uniform from the Blazers.

As is known, Damian Lillard does need a new tandem after being left by CJ McCollum. The Portland Trail Blazers have just signed Straw Grant in a player swap with the Detroit Pistons. Even though he had recruited Grant, Lillard didn’t seem satisfied. He still looks like he wants to partner with bigger players like Kevin Durant.

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This did become possible after rumors of Kyrie Irving surfaced to the public. The Brooklyn Nets, as a team from Durant, don’t seem willing to give a contract extension of maximum value to Irving, who is inconsistent and has an unpredictable personality. If Irving left, of course this would affect Durant’s future as well. Many believe that Durant will leave if Irving leaves the Nets.

With the rumors sticking out, it’s no wonder Lillard dared to upload an edited photo depicting himself and Durant in the Blazers uniform. It’s worth noting that Lillard wasn’t the only Blazers player to post the photo. Jusuf Nurkic through his twitter account also uploaded the same photo with a puzzle picture caption. Many fans interpreted that the puzzle emoticon represented that Durant was the line-up needed to complete the perfect Blazers squad.

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