Daisuke Sato’s Great Impression Feel the Atmosphere of the Match

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Daisuke Sato's Great Impression Feel the Atmosphere of the Match


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Indonesian League 1 News : The match against Bhayangkara FC marked Daisuke Sato’s debut with Persib. This Filipino player felt the aura of an extraordinary match because of the presence of supporters who packed the stadium stands.

Despite appearing as a guest, this match seemed to be a home match for Maung Bandung. Because of the total 21,000 tickets sold, almost all of them were Persib fans who visited the Wibawa Mukti Stadium, Bekasi.

“It’s an amazing feeling, I also feel an extraordinary atmosphere. Thank you very much Bobotoh, for the amazing atmosphere and you guys gave everything for me. That’s why I tried to show my best game in the match,” said Sato when interviewed by the media crew.

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However, his debut match did not end beautifully because the three points that were in front of his eyes disappeared. The score 2-2 became the final result of the match because his team conceded in the 85th minute. According to him, the failure should be used as a lesson.

This can also be a spark of motivation so that victory can be achieved this weekend. Moreover, Persib will appear as the host at the Gelora Bandung Lautan Api Stadium when they host Madura United.

“Unfortunately we couldn’t get the three points and have to learn from yesterday’s match. There were quite a lot of positive things to show but there are also negative things that need to be improved. I’m looking forward to Saturday’s game, because it’s a home game, of course I’m excited to play it,” said he.

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Sato insisted the only target he had in mind was victory. Full points must be earned to pay for the flop in the first week. The presence of Bobotoh who will crowd the stands should not be disappointed by his team.

“For the first game at home, nothing more and nothing less, only three points we have to get. Because this is a home game, we are playing in front of the fans and we certainly have to dedicate three points to them,” he explained.

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After a month in Indonesia, Sato became more and more aware of the football culture here. According to him there is no reason for footballers not to be able to adapt to a new environment.

“There is nothing to comment on, football everywhere is the same. So adaptation does not need to be an excuse, be it the weather or the people. Football is football and in every country it’s the same,” he said.

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