Chen Long: China’s Young Players Must Be Brave

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Chen Long: China's Young Players Must Be Brave

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Badminton News : Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic champion from China, Chen Long said he hoped the young players of the Chinese national team would have the “ambition” to dare to beat the top ten players in the world.

Talking about the National Team’s performance by winning two gold medals at the World Championships, Chen said: “I think the show is very good, the Tokyo Olympics also have two gold medals, we only sent four sectors at the World Championships (men’s doubles sector could not participate because of points). not sufficient), maybe in the men’s sector, we need to do our best.”

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On the development of youth in the national team, Chen advised: “Although they are young, facing the top ten players in the world, they must have ‘ambition’ and dare to win against them. Don’t think that my rank is lower than yours, and my level may not be as good as yours. After playing on the field, no matter who you are, I will beat you, “he said.

He also suggested that young players play more tournaments, not only to find problems and strengthen themselves through competition, but also to increase points,

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“I believe they will get stronger and the more top-flight tournaments the better.”

Chen Long has not competed since he won a silver medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics which took place last July – August 2021.

Long absence, the issue of retirement came. However, Chen Long denied the issue because there was still ambition to appear at the 2022 Asian Games which was originally held in Huangzhou, China, September 2022.

“I still have other dreams and aspirations in badminton. One of them for now is next year’s Asian Games in Hangzhou (2022),” said Chen Long.

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