Carlos Sainz: Binotto played a big role in Ferrari’s progress

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Carlos Sainz: Binotto played a big role in Ferrari's progress –

F1 News: Carlos Sainz insists that he never doubted the ability of Ferrari boss, Mattia Binotto, to lead the team even though there are still some things that need to be improved.

Ferrari has returned to having a competitive land jet after two years in mid-table. However, a number of decisions by the Italian manufacturer were criticized because they did not match what was happening on the track.

Even the strategy the team applied several times made their riders fail to claim the highest podium. The situation was exacerbated by the reliability issues that plagued the F1-75’s chassis, forcing the Prancing Horse to work hard to ensure the car could withstand the high temperatures.

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The team principal, Mattia Binotto, was also criticized for being unable to lead Ferrari. However, Carlos Sainz believes the Italian has good ideas for the progress of the team.

According to him, Binotto has been instrumental in bringing Ferrari to the right track. This is evidenced by the improvement experienced by the Maranello manufacturer throughout this year, although there are several things that need to be improved.

“Mattia is a very important piece of the puzzle for me,” said Sainz on the official website.

“When I came to Ferrari, he was the one who probably trusted me more than anyone when he signed me. I have to be ready to prove to him that he is right.”

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“I have to be ready in 2021 to deliver the results he and Ferrari expect from me. Since then I have had a very good relationship with him. I think he is a great team boss.”

“I think the appreciation and respect he gives him in the team is huge and he’s leading us in the right direction,” he continued.

Mattia Binotto himself emphasized that his leadership style was not rigid, but made sure everything went according to the team’s plan. He also received suggestions and criticism from the crew regarding the rules he set.

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“Not brutal, but I’m firm. People around me know that I can be very strict,” he said.

“But I think more than that, I always try to empower them and give them everything they need to do their job.”

“I trust the people around me. I’m not one to get into every element. I’m more focused on myself and making sure, like I said, they have everything they need for the job.”

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