BWF Remembers 50 Years of Badminton as an Olympic Sport

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BWF Remembers 50 Years of Badminton as an Olympic Sport

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Badminton News : Today marks 50 years of badminton’s journey as an Olympic sport. While badminton made its debut as an Olympic medal sport in 1992, it was first staged at the Olympics 20 years earlier as a demonstration sport, in Munich 1972.

Held in the Volleyball Hall on two courts over three sessions on Monday 4 September 1972, the event attracted an impressive audience despite little press coverage, with 3970 tickets sold.

A total of 25 players from 11 countries were invited. The competition takes place in four branches: men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles and mixed doubles. To overcome the limitations of accommodation and cost, there are some combinations of ‘scratches’ in the two paired events.

Headlining the event were stars such as Rudy Hartono, Svend Pri, Gillian Gilks, Noriko Nakayama (nee Takagi), Christian Hadinata/Ade Chandra and Ng Boon Bee/Punch Gunalan. Herbert Scheele is the Honorary Referee.

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As each event has eight players/pairs, the competition starts with the quarter-finals in the first session starting at 10am. The last session which started at 8 pm, Hartono beat Svend Pri and Nokiko Nakayama beat Utami Dewi in singles. Hadinata/Chandra won the men’s doubles over Ng Boon Bee/Punch Gunalan, while Derek Talbot/Gillian Gilks ​​won the mixed doubles over Svend Pri/Ulla Strand. Winners and runners-up receive custom-made medals.

The competition day went smoothly, but it took considerable effort and money by the IBF (now BWF). The estimated fee for an IBF was 500 GBP – a huge amount for an IBF at the time. Among the innovative ways designed to raise money – the brainchild of Board member AA Verstoep – is the production of tournament stickers that will be offered to all IBF members for resale for 14 pence each (9 pence each for a bulk order of 250! ) . IBF received orders for more than 7000 stickers which turned out to be quite useful in staging the event.

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1972 Munich Olympics Demonstration Final Results:

MS: Rudy Hartono (INA) Vs Svend Pri (DEN) 15-6 15-1

WS: Noriko Nakayama (JPN) Vs Utami Dewi (INA) 11-5 11-3

MD: Christian Hadinata/Ade Chandra (INA) Vs Ng Boon Bee/Punch Gunalan (MAS) 15-4 2-15 15-11

XD: Derek Talbot/Gillian Gilks ​​(GBR) Vs Svend Pri/Ulla Strand (DEN) 15-6 15-8

Invited Players:


Ade Chandra (Indonesia), Wolfgang Bochow (West Germany), Christian Hadinata (Indonesia), Suresh Goel (India), Punch Gunalan (Malaysia), Rudy Hartono (Indonesia), Bandid Jayen (Thailand), Sture Johnsson (Sweden) , Ippei Kojima (Japan), Roland Maywald (West Germany), Willi Braun (West Germany), Ng Boon Bee (Malaysia), Jamie Paulson (Canada), Svend Pri (Denmark), Elliot Stuart (United Kingdom), Derek Talbot (United Kingdom) ), Tan Aik Mong (Malaysia)

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Birgitte Steden (West Germany), Gillian Gilks ​​(United Kingdom), Nokiko Nakayama (nee Takagi – Japan), Ulla Strand (Denmark), Eva Twedberg (Sweden), Utami Dewi (Indonesia), Joke van Beusekom (Netherlands), Hiroe Yuki (Japan).

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