Brush Nouns in Tibreaker, Quincy Crew Qualifies for Arlington Major

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Brush Nouns in Tibreaker, Quincy Crew Qualifies for Arlington Major –

Esports News: Quincy Crew has secured a place at the Arlington Major after winning the tiebreaker match against Nouns in the 2021-2022 NA DPC event.

The laning phase of this series is actually able to be mastered by Nouns, by relying on drafts containing dominant heroes in the lane such as Timbersaw and Nature’s Prophet as supporters to win the laning phase. They also lead in terms of gold over Quincy in the majority of matches.

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Even so, the execution of the teamfight remains the most important, and Quincy Crew shows a much better execution than Gunnar and his friends despite being behind in terms of obtaining gold.

Quincy finally took full advantage of the momentum after winning the teamfight in the 40th minute in Nouns’ forest. After his defeat in the teamfight, Nouns really couldn’t touch Fata cs.

Entering the 43rd minute, Nouns had to keep his dream of competing in the Major Dota 2 event for the first time after falling due to their Ancient being destroyed by the champions of ESL One Thailand 2020: Americas.

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Quoting GGWP.ID, with this result Quincy won the second and last ticket from North America for the Arlington Major. Quincy will accompany Evil Geniuses to win the 2021-2022 NA DPC to the first Major in the United States after six years.

In addition to getting the Arlington Major slot, Quincy Crew is also entitled to take home a prize money of USD 28,000 and 300 DPC points.

The Arlington Major will certainly be used by Quincy Crew and Evil Geniusea as a place to end the series of poor achievements of the North American team in the Major. What’s more, they were performing at home which should have added to his morale and combat power.

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