Bigetron Delta Successfully Wins FFML Season VI Division 2

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Bigetron Delta Successfully Wins FFML Season VI Division 2 –

Esports News: The struggle of 18 teams in the Free Fire Master League (FFML) Season VI Division 2 after playing 12 Matchdays officially ended with Final Day 3 on Sunday (21/8). The team that dropped to Division 2 last season, Bigetron Delta, emerged as champions and will return to Division 1 next season.

Entering Final Day 3 with a 100 point advantage over the teams below them, Bigetron’s performance that day was not as good as before. Even so, their accumulated points at the top of the standings of 827 points could not be caught by the other 17 teams. The second ranked team, First Raiders Storm, did not even reach 800 points.

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Bigetron Delta as the champion of FFML Season VI Division 2 is entitled to a promotion ticket to Division 1 in FFML Season VII, along with the second and third ranked teams in the final standings, First Raiders Storm and MantapKali Esports.

However, for First Raiders Storm, citing Booyah News, the team has a number of special regulations to be able to advance to the caste considering that First Raiders also has a team at the FFML Division 1 level.

In addition to being assigned a caste promotion to the FFML 1st Division next season, Bigetron Delta, First Raiders Storm and MantapKali Esports are also confirmed to directly qualify for the Play-ins Free Fire Indonesia Master (FFIM) 2022 Fall which will start soon.

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Bigetron’s victory, which closed the FFML Season VI Division 2, was also a sign that the competition for other Free Fire teams in FFML Season VI Division 1. As FFML Season VI Division 1 started, several participating teams had introduced their roster such as EVOS Divine and RRQ. Kazu.

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