Being a devout Muslim, Sadio Mane Dare to Be Different in a Bayern Photo Session

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Being a devout Muslim, Sadio Mane Dare to Be Different in a Bayern Photo Session

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German League News: Sadio Mane is known as a devout Muslim, and he still showed that when he moved from Liverpool to Bayern Munich. He absolutely does not want to come into contact with things that are forbidden by religion.

That behavior was reflected when Sadio Mane chose not to hold a beer in a photo with the rest of Bayern Munich’s players. As in previous years, Bayern players regularly take pictures at Lederhosen holding a glass of beer from the local local brand, Paulaner, as a form of cooperation.

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This year Sadio Mane also took pictures wearing traditional Bavarian clothes. A total of 31 people took photos, including Bayern Munich staff and players. However, there are only two players who are not holding beer, he is Mane and Morocco international Noussair Mazraoui, both of whom are devout Muslims.

In the teachings of Islam, beer or alcoholic beverages are forbidden to be consumed. Even so, Mane and Noussair Mazraoui remained professional by taking pictures, and even kept smiling faces when the photos were taken.

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Not only this time, Mane’s religious observance has also been seen since he was still defending Liverpool. In February 2022 he asked his team-mate, Takumi Minamino, not to spray him with champagne in celebration of the League Cup winner at Wembley Stadium.

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