Bali United Coach Satisfied with Team Performance in IBL 3X3 Series 1

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Bali United Coach Satisfied with Team Performance in IBL 3X3 Series 1 –

IBL Basketball News: Bali United Basketball coach, Anthony Garbelotto promised to improve his team’s performance to compete in the next IBL 3X3 series.

No kidding, a tough opponent directly faced by Bali United Basketball. Satria Muda Pertamina Jakarta was waiting for Abraham Wenas and his friends in the semi-finals after overthrowing Pelita Jaya Bakrie with a landslide score of 21-8.

In the semifinals, Bali United had to admit the superiority of Satria Muda with a score of 19-18. Seeing the results and performance of Bali United Basketball during the IBL 3X3 Series 1 Bali, the team made by Anthony Garbelotto admitted that they were quite satisfied.

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Even though it ended an anticlimactic by submitting to the semifinals, the English coach still appreciated the struggle of his foster children. The fighting spirit and hard work of the roster, especially when they appeared adamant against Satria Muda made Coach Tony proud.

“The performance and effort of the team to win the game has been very good, especially in the semifinals,” said Coach Tony, reported by the club’s official website.

Despite feeling satisfied and seeing a lot of positive progress, Coach Tony still has an important record for evaluating the team’s performance. Because Bali United Basketball still has a great opportunity to talk a lot in the next series.

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“We need to improve on the three-point shot and stop making silly mistakes,” said Coach Tony.

After Series 1 Bali, IBL Gojek 3X3 will continue its journey to Jogjakarta as Series 2 on 10-11 September. With a lag time of one week, Bali United Basketball will certainly use it to finalize the game and team cohesiveness.

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