Antimage Reveals The Player Udil Wants To Beat The Most

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Antimage Reveals The Player Udil Wants To Beat The Most –

Esports News: Midlaner Alter Ego, Udil, used to be the leader of the legendary ONIC Kage roster that dominated MPL ID Season 3, 2019 Esports President Cup, and 2019 MSC, without suffering a defeat.

Despite having won a myriad of achievements, the 21-year-old’s competitive spirit has not been extinguished. He has a great passion that drives him to keep trying the Indonesian MPL competition.

In the ‘Empetalk’ content reported by RevivaL TV, Udil once said that one of his motivations to play was to beat one person.

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“I have one person I want to beat, and that’s the reason I have played until now. I don’t want to lose to that person and I want that person to be under the cave,” he said, quoted from RevivaL TV.

The Bandung-born midlaner did not mention the player in question, but Antimage, one of his best friends and former colleagues in the ONIC Kage roster, claimed to know the identity of the mysterious player.

In a video on its YouTube channel, Antimage mentions that the player who has always wanted to be defeated by the former Louvre and ONIC Esports player is REKT.

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“As far as I know, Udil really wants to beat one person, and I know that person, Gustian, the REKT,” admitted Antimage, quoted from RevivaL TV.

REKT is one of the veteran players in the competitive Mobile Legends scene. The player with the nickname “the farmer” has been playing at MPL ID since Season 1 to 9 without a break, and has also won a number of achievements.

Examining the meeting record in each MPL ID season, as reported by RevivaL TV, there is a fact that Udil has never won when he met REKT in the playoff round of the Mobile Legends Indonesia’s highest caste league.

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