Aleix Espargaro relieved that Quartararo was also not optimal at the British GP

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Aleix Espargaro relieved that Quartararo was also not optimal at the British GP –

MotoGP News : Aprilia Racing’s Aleix Espargaro can breathe a sigh of relief after appearing sluggish at the British MotoGP, Sunday (7/8) local time. He was relieved because Fabio Quartararo as his rival also experienced the same difficulties.

In the race at Silverstone, Aleix Espargaro did not have a good speed. Pol Espargaro’s older brother struggled to compete in the middle board and could only finish ninth overall. This result is clearly very bad for Espargaro who is trying hard to catch up on points from Fabio Quartararo. Fortunately when Espargaro had a bad race, Quartararo also suffered a similar fate. Quartararo was only able to finish eighth, aka one strip above Espargaro.

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This result clearly made Espargaro able to breathe a sigh of relief because the distance of the points did not increase much. He can still take revenge in the series to come.

“It wasn’t my best race and even so we minimized the damage. It’s a long distance race and we didn’t lose many points to Fabio. Of course, today is the day to cut points. ‘ said Espargaro.

“I am here to fight him, and he (Quartararo) knows that. I know that in the second part of the championship, the people who are in front are the ones who have doubts. Also, Ducati is still strong and it is the leaders who have to lose the championship, not me. ” closed the Maverick Vinales tandem.

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