After Defeating Hangtuah, Dewa United’s Coach is More Confidence in Looking at the Playoffs

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After Defeating Hangtuah, Dewa United's Coach is More Confidence in Looking at the Playoffs –

IBL Basketball News: Dewa United Surabaya’s performance continues to improve ahead of the IBL playoffs. Maximiliano coach Enrique Seigorman is optimistic that his team is getting ready to face the playoffs.

In the match at Bango Sports Center, Cilandak, South Jakarta, the team nicknamed Anak Dewa defeated Amartha Hangtuah with a score of 79-72. Kaleb Ramot Gemilang became the most fertile player by scoring 22 points, two rebounds, and four assists. Followed by Zoran Talley who scored 15 points and three rebounds. And Xaverius Prawiro with 12 points, four rebounds and seven assists.

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“What the players showed in the game this time made us more ready to play in the playoffs. Players have progressed rapidly and can carry out instructions well,” said the coach who is familiarly called Coach Maxi.

The Argentinean coach hopes that Kaleb and his friends can consistently maintain the game. Moreover, in this match, Dewa United Surabaya’s ring also conceded quite a lot of balls.

Noted foreign player Amartha Hangtuah, Ronnie Boyce was even able to score 31 points into the net for the Anak Dewa troops. Therefore, the coach asked the Anak Dewa players to be able to survive consistently so as not to concede a lot of points.

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“The consistency and cohesiveness of the team must be maintained. As long as we can consistently defend and can take advantage of every available attack, I think we can overcome that,” said Coach Maxi.

I hope the players keep their form.”

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